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I do not know if I can do this, Blake. I do not know if I can survive doing this. I do not know the consequences, whatever and whoever may be summoned forth…whether I will live or die in the effort. I only know that I must try. If I should fall, find Sif. Tell her I love her. Tell her…tell her…that I fell loving her above all risk, all danger, all consequence. Tell her goodbye.

Thor Vol 3 #6

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"I’ve got this completely under control."

"Is that why everything’s on fire?"

For the lovely Cloe


Thor: God of Thunder (2011) (ps3/xbox 360) [x]

I’ve had a few discussions about this storyline and I remain, as always, torn about it.  On the one hand, this is really good for my shipper feels.  On the other hand, ugh, killing women for a man’s story, gross.

The thing is, while I do think this is sexism at work (as in there are pretty much no stories out there in our culture that aren’t touched by sexism in some way or another), I also sort of sympathize with the corner they’d backed themselves into.  For whatever reason, they basically went with a retread of the movie’s plot, where there’s a Jotunn invasion and Thor goes off half-cocked to show that he’s reckless and dangerous, so Loki can prove himself.  I get the feeling that we’re supposed to take away from this that, oh, Loki’s going to fine-tune this plan in the future, rather than ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? ARE THESE PEOPLE ALL DUMB AS ROCKS TO FALL FOR THIS TWICE?

But, okay.  Setting that aside.  They had to kill someone (temporarily) that would make Thor go berserk.  Who are your choices, really?  His family or his friends.  Loki would work well in this situation, but it can’t be him because he’s the one pulling the strings of the machinations.  It really couldn’t be one of the W3, you wouldn’t get the same intense reaction that they wanted.

Your choices were pretty much:  Frigga, Sif, or Odin.

And I can think of how interesting it might have been to have Odin be the one who was killed, that Thor would storm off to avenge his father, while Frigga was the one who would bring Odin back with her magic, but I’m pretty sure Frigga would have said, “Calm yourself, Thor, I’ll bring him back, you have to take care of Asgard in the meantime.”  Odin, on the other hand says, “Tough shit, deal with it.” and doesn’t explain shit.  Which sets all the pieces in motion that they needed.

Which means you’re pretty much left with Frigga or Sif.  And we can definitely have a discussion about how it’s sexism at work to put the women in these roles in the first place, that we’re focused on Thor instead of on Sif, and I will be there with bells on for that conversation.

Ultimately, I look at this part of the storyline and think, yes, this is because of sexism, but not because of this one specific instance, but because this instance keeps happening again and again.

I understand that they’re playing on the long-running Thor/Sif relationship in the comics (and the mythology, of course), that there are undercurrents of a romantic relationship there, that she’s arguably the most well-defined of Thor’s secondary characters outside of Loki.  She’s the natural choice for something like this.

My problem isn’t that Sif was the one chosen, it’s that this is the direction they went in, rather than finding another path.  Even as my shipper heart goes OMG LOOK AT HIS REACTION OVER HER, LOOK AT THE WAY HE CRADLES HER CLOSE, UGH, I AM GOING TO VOMIT RAINBOWS.

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you’d be better served by what lies in front of you. 


au!thorsif - a mix for two mentors living life after the hunger games, for sleepless nights and alcohol, for affection and solace


i. head is not my home - ms mr ii. hardest of hearts - florence & the machine iii. run - daughter iv. bloodstream (acoustic) - stateless v. bones - emily barker and the red clay halo vi. search and destroy - sanders bohlke vii. i’ll move mountains - roo panes viii. yesterday was hard on all of us - fink ix. dead hearts (cover) - connor john turner x. bible belt - dry the river xi. silhouettes - of monsters and men xii. you are my sunshine (cover) - the civil wars

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"We’ve shot scenes that do explore (Sif and Thor’s relationship) more, but they don’t make it into the film because of certain storylines and crossover aspects, and also for timing." - x


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